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The Grantees

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Danica Marie Supnet

Research Coordinator – Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC)

“Because of the learnings from WORTH we can now scale up and add a gender lens to our existing work with some of the most vulnerable communities in the Philippines”

“In the WORTH Innovation Labs, I have gained new skills on program development that strikes the balance between identifying solutions to address the issues of gender and development (GAD) in the context of climate change while ensuring initiatives are innovative and creative. ICSC is a climate and energy group in the Philippines focused on climate policy and low carbon development, while SRHR and the whole GAD agenda are relatively new to our streams of work. Because of the learnings from WORTH we can now scale up and add a gender lens to our existing work with some of the most vulnerable communities in the Philippines”.

About my project: Opening the “Cookie Jar” for SRHR in the Context of Climate Change
“In the Philippines, the Gender and Development Fund of local governments has been criticized by some as a cookie jar, which might be used for any unfunded project. We want to help local development planners become more innovative and efficient in using their gender funds, so they can not only empower women and children but also help them respond to climate change. In our project site of Guiuan, in the Eastern Samar province, we will capacitate local development planners to gather field photos showing stories of women and children adapting to climate change. Afterwards, the planners will discuss these stories which would become the foundation of programs and activities in their gender and development plan. This is our share in the call for mainstreaming GAD into climate action”.

Samreen Khan Ghauri

Executive Director - Shelter Participatory Organization

“The WORTH Innovation Labs allowed me to explore and experiment with ideas and turn them into executable forms”

“Being among the first fellows of the WORTH Programme, the experience itself was unique and extraordinary. The whole process tried to break the stereotypical way of thinking and provide a space to consider innovative solutions to the nexuses of SRHR and climate change. To get the opportunity to network and cooperate with co-fellows on everything from policy making to intervention at grass-root community, study theories, exchange thoughts and testing execution tools was also very valuable. It was the experience from the WORTH Programme, that gave me a new and solid direction and pace for working on Women & Climate actions”.

About my project: Media Molds for women & SRHR in climate change
“Advocacy with media can play an instrumental role to address the issue of women & SRHR in climate action. The intervention aims to address the lack of understanding of nexuses of SRHR and climate change and the lack of awareness. We aim to build a momentum through media, where we want to draw the attention of local citizens and policy makers on this matter. We want to do this through capacity building and advocacy”.

Pats Oliva

Communications Campaigner - Health Care Without Harm Southeast Asia

“I believe that the WORTH Initiative Labs definitely added value to how I am going to grow as a climate and health communications practitioner”

“More than expanding my view of SRHR and its connection to the climate narrative, through the WORTH Initiative Lab I have also gained a creative and innovative outlook when it comes to crafting campaign strategies. Most specially, the lab taught me to think critically, from the idea conception to implementation and monitoring. The lab made me realize that campaigns will not be effective without going through a process such as identifying the risks, creating prototypes and testing them out, finding out the possibilities of how your output will be perceived, as well as the relevance of an idea to your target audience”.

About my project: Women, Art, and Climate Change
“The project is a travelling roadshow aiming to re-frame climate change to be both an environmental and SRHR (sexual and reproductive health and rights) issue. Through music, visual arts, and cultural workshops, this initiative aims to increase the ability of girls and women of reproductive age in the affected communities to identify, understand, and cope with various climate-related disasters that affect their sexual and reproductive health.

Finally, to collectively promote a climate-resilient, environment-friendly, and pandemic-prepared healthcare systems that look after our women and girls, among other vulnerable sectors”.

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