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Earth Initiative

– Why and What?

WORTH Innovation Lab Programme

The WORTH Initiative Innovation Lab Programme was build to support capacity sharing between civil society actors on the nexus between sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and climate change – creating a space for them to build innovative local-led advocacy and programmatic solutions for the interlinked challenges faced at the grassroots, national, regional, and international levels.

The Lab Programme consists of two physical innovation labs in Malaysia. These two labs span across 3-4 days and take place two months from each other. In between the labs, the participants get to field test their solutions in their local contexts. The labs involve a mix of presentations and participatory exercises that equip the participants with the needed skill set and tools to innovate new solutions for the challenges existing in the nexus between SRHR and climate change.

Before the labs, the participants have to complete an online learning course that will teach them about SRHR, climate change, environmental sustainability and the nexus between these.

The Lab Programme highly emphasizes learning and knowledge sharing. We want to bring together creative minds to come up with the solutions to counter the great challenges resulting from the intersections between climate change and SRHR.

Participation in the labs is free of charge and the participants’ travel costs will be covered. In return, we expect participants to put in the necessary efforts before, during and between labs so that we can jointly come up with the best ideas.

WORTH Initiative Fund

The WORTH Initiative also established the WORTH Initiative Fund, which provides a number of small grants for lab participants. The purpose of these grants is to give the participants the opportunity to give life to their ideas and test them in real life in their local contexts. Only those who participated in and completed the WORTH Innovation Lab Programme are eligible to apply for WORTH Initiative funds.

Why Apply?

The WORTH Initiative provides a space for learning, development and innovation, which will benefit yourself and your organization:

Innovation capacities

You will get the necessary tools and skills needed to think innovatively and make your ideas better


You will get in-depth insight into the nexus of sexual and reproductive health and rights and climate change


Work with and meet civil society representatives from other countries as well as experts on innovation, SRHR and climate change


After completing the WORTH innovation labs you have the possibility of receiving funding for making your innovation idea become reality

Apply for WORTH

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