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Welcome to the WORTH Initiative – an innovation programme and fund. The Initiative is a platform, where civil society can unleash creativity and develop new integrated solutions to gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, environmental sustainability, and climate change adaptation challenges.

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WORTH – because business as usual is simply inadequate to meet the challenges of today and their consequences for tomorrow

The world is evolving at an unprecedented speed with ever-changing and complex global and political challenges that demand new solutions to existing problems that cut across sectors. When it comes to climate change adaptation and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), there is an urgent need for action to prevent SRHR issues and violations of rights and to make families resilient to changes in their everyday lives as a result of climate change.

Climate change exacerbates the challenges that many poor and marginalized women and girls are already facing due to lack of gender equality – including lack of respect, protection and fulfilment of their SRHR.

Despite this reality, SRHR is rarely taken into account in the context of climate change adaptation problem analyses and solutions. The discourse on this nexus is almost non-existent and action is missing. 

The programme is currently focused on civil society organisations from four countries experiencing devastating consequences from climate change: Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Why Apply?

The WORTH Initiative provides a space for learning, development and innovation, which will benefit yourself and your organisation:

Innovation capacities

You will get the necessary tools and skills needed to think innovatively and make your ideas better


Get in depth insight into the nexus of sexual and reproductive health and rights and climate change


Work with and meet civil society representatives from other countries as well as experts on innovation, SRHR and climate change


After completing the WORTH innovation labs you have the possibility of receiving funding for making your innovation idea become reality

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